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25 things I’ve Learned In 25 Years





As a child you thought that being 25 meant you’re old. You would have thought that by now you would have a family of your own, a house, and more. But I’m not quite there yet. And that’s okay. Everything leading up until today, all of the good, the bad, and the bittersweet memories have made me who I am today. And in that process, I have learned quite a bit.. So for my 25th birthday today: I bring to you – 25 things I have learned in my 25 years.

So let’s hop right into it…

1. Always listen to your intuition. When you get a gut feeling that something is right or wrong. Don’t ignore it. Every time you doubt yourself – take the other route, this is where I always find I should’ve listened to myself. So I guess this can be a little reminder to myself today because I should have started my blog YEARS ago. But I’m here now so that’s okay too.

2. Be nice to everyone. Even when you don’t want to. Stay positive. There’s more than one way to approach every situation. When someone isn’t doing something to your standards or expectations – think of another way to approach it. Or just don’t say anything at all.

3. Skincare first, makeup second. Don’t cover up all those blemishes with makeup. It can only make it worse. Focusing on your skincare – even down to drinking enough water – makes your base! Take off all your makeup, cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize! AND MASK!

4. Stop making excuses. For all the things you should be doing. For your anxiety. For people. For everything. Just get to it.

5. Sociology/Contemporary Studies is a valuable major. I saw this from the Blissful Mind’s blog post about her 25 things she learned by 25, and this stood with me. Maybe because I majored in Contemporary Studies in university. But despite what people think, this has taught me many life lessons – the importance of humanity, compassion, and acceptance (as Blissful Mind says). But brings awareness to the issues of this world and country alone. I learned about issues and topics that most students wouldn’t learn.

6. Studying away from home for university has taught me to be more independent. You can only depend on yourself at this point. You have to do your own laundry, cook for yourself, focus on school work, balance social life, and family life.

7. After I accepted my anxiety, everything made more sense. And I felt better about myself. I used to be the grumpiest person if my sleep was disrupted at night time since I knew this was a trigger for me. But after accepting that my thoughts go into overdrive, it’s given me a little peace of mind. Since accepting my anxiety, it helped me to create my self identity.

8. Relationships are a two-way street. You’ll often come across many people in life that don’t put in the effort to keep in touch with you. Some may take advantage of you, but that’s just life. There are many people that do not genuinely care for you. Stay away from these people.

9. Everybody you meet knows something that you don’t. Everyone has a story to tell; something they can teach you. And it’s up to you to figure out what that is.

10. I love night walks with a steeped tea in hand. This became a ritual during my university years. I always took a night walk with my two best friends and sat at Tim Horton’s talking about everything life throws at you.

11. Raw fed diets > kibble. Enough said. There are many health benefits to feeding raw. A whole community is dedicated to this diet. If humans shouldn’t be eating processed, canned foods, why are our furry babies?

12. It’s the bittersweet memories. A lot of people spend their lives searching for happiness. Instead, recognize and acknowledge that it’s all memories in your life that have given you happiness. Everything that has happened has shaped you into who you are meant to become.

13. Routines make everything better. Especially when you have anxiety. But in general, you’ll feel more accomplished. Setting a to-do list makes all the difference.

14. Treat others with patience and respect, and you’ll get that in return. Enough said.


15. I’ve actually enjoyed becoming an early bird. But I also love to stay up late if it’s the weekend. I say “becoming” an early bird because I used to always sleep in until noon. I’d purposely choose courses during university that aren’t too early so I have enough time to sleep in. But since I graduated, came back home to Toronto, I found myself working customer service jobs that require early morning shifts. Especially my Barista job! I start anywhere between 6:30am to 8am. The picture to the left that you see is just a simple latte art design I did!

16. I’m an ambivert. I enjoy going out, having a great time with friends and family. But after, I need some time to wind down to myself. Have some “me time”.

17. It’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes it’s best to cry. Even if it’s in public. No shame right. Honestly it’s one less thing to worry about if you can cry in public.

18. It’s okay to not have it figured out. We spend our lives growing up feeling pressured to major in one thing and stick to it for the rest of our lives. I’m a person of many interests. I love being a barista, I love fashion, beauty, makeup, food, and dogs. I want to run my own coffee shop. I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer, then I wanted to be a hairstylist, then it was an architect, and the list is endless. IT’S OKAY. Your time will come when you figure it out.

19. Love unconditionally, and always tell someone how you feel about them. Life is too short. If you are falling for someone, have feelings for them, or want to tell them you love them. Just do it. Don’t hold back your feelings – unless you want to be rude, then hold back.

20. Blasting music dancing in your underwear is good for the soul.

21. It’s okay to have a small group of friends. As you grow older, you realize that it’s not quantity, it’s quality.

22. Giving advice is much easier than taking it. We often find ourselves in touch situations and result to our friends for advice, and vise versa. You tell them things and let’s be honest, we don’t even listen to what we tell them. But remember, the advice you give to others can be useful for yourself when a similar situation were to ever occur. Maybe your friend will remind you of the advice again!

23. You are what you eat. My dear friends, I’m sorry to break this to you. But you are what you eat. As a result of your constant bad decisions it will catch up to you! This saying is the notion that if you eat healthy, you will be too. Now, I’m not saying never indulge in the sweets, salty, and fried, just do it in moderation! The key to living a HEALTHY LIFE? EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

On another note, if you are what you eat, then I’m a big bowl of noodles! Cause I love me some noodles!


24. Your best friends are your prized possessions. I wouldn’t know what to do without those few friends that will always be there for me (first picture i posted). They’re the ones you can talk to about anything and everything. They don’t judge you, they love you, they help you grow. These are the friends that tell you when you’re right, and when you’re wrong. Hold on to them. Or even if you have that one person (or more, in my case) that you can talk to about anything about.

25. You’re still young. 25 is just a number. If you’re not where you thought you’d be when you were 12, it’s okay. As long as you practice self love and gratitude, everything will work out eventually.

That’s all folks! Leave a comment, connect with me through socials. Let’s chat! I want to know what have you learned growing up? What are some dreams you had as a child that you fulfilled now, or have yet to?

With love,

Pris Wong xo

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